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Land, tradition, nature

Discover auvergnate gastronomy

Reflecting comforting mountain cuisine, Auvergne specialties have nothing to envy to Savoyard.

A specialty of the Cantal massif, the truffade, comes from the word truffle which means potato in patois, is reminiscent of the tartiflette with its potatoes and its Tomme de Cantal. Usually accompanied by country ham and a salad, you will appreciate this dish after a day of outdoor activities. At Bellevue, you can taste it accompanied by sausages from pigs raised in Cantal, on a short circuit!

Cantal cheese, well known to all, is characterized by its varied flavors depending on its age and ripening. Thus, it is possible to taste sweet or more mature tommes, fruity with notes of hazelnut or full-bodied. It will bring a special character to local gastronomy and other regional specialties.

Aligot is made of potatoes and fresh tomme cheese from Cantal that looks like mozzarella. Here he brings a creamy and unctuous touch to this mash which is a specialty of the Aubrac plateau, 100 km further south. Among the other specialties, you can also savor during your stay, the Salers beef that Florence is used to cooking. Come and delight your taste buds with these typical dishes from Auvergne and Cantal.

Homemade meals with quality ingredients

We work with local producers, which allows you to benefit from quality products in a short link
The Gîte-Hôtel Bellevue restaurant does not operate with a choice of à la carte,
but with a single menu of the day and served at 7:30 p.m. in order to guarantee you fresh and quality products.

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